Blogmas Day 5: Christmas Wishlist

Over the years, it has become harder and harder for me to create a wishlist. When I was younger it was a horse, bratz dolls and a bike. Now it’s things like

  1. A stable job
  2. willpower to finish my degree
  3. lots of cats

Now people can buy me lots of cats, but it’s all for nothing if I don’t get a stable job by finishing my degree. However, that is not the point of this post. Here is what I want for Christmas, that people can actually buy.

  1. Polaroid Camera
  2. Mecca Giftcard
  3. Spotify Giftcard
  4. Netflix Giftcard
  5. Tripod
  6. Ugg Boots
  7. Animal Crossing on Wii or Original DS
  8. Defrizz hair products 
  9. Food Processor
  10. Fitbit scale

Blogmas Day 4: 2017 Favourites

So just a little background, I have very dry skin, to the point, I thought it might be psoriasis (spoilers it’s not). I’ve tried some products but this year I really tried to do something with my skin to fix it. I haven’t yet found the perfect solution (give me products to try! I need help!). I have found two products that are helping, at least a little bit.
Cetaphil – this is my go to, honestly, it sinks in quickly and makes my skin feel like silk. This sometimes does need some help though
Drunk Elephant – specifically Marula Oil, I’ve only had a sample of this. It’s working really well at the moment.
I do need some help with my skincare routine. If you know of any good (dry skin!) cleansers or toners or exfoliants do let me know! I’d love to try them
Revlon Colourstay 24hr foundation – I’ve already done a whole review on this, its good, would recommend this to anyone with dry skin. It’s not perfect but it’s close.
Revlon Photoready Eye Art: Peach – I recently purchased this and it is sooo good, long-lasting, incredibly pigmented, gorgeous glittering and very easy to work with. It’s easy to create both subtle and crazy looks and I’ve never had a problem with it
Maybelline Noveau Master Strobing Stick – This cream illuminator is absolutely stunning. Easy to apply, so so creamy and pigmented beyond belief, it is such a gorgeous highlighter. I recommend this 100%
Lush Lustre – I’ve owned this for…. way to long, and I’m only halfway through it. I use it for EVERYTHING. It’s a perfume, it’s a highlight, its an eyeshadow, I’ve used it as a hair perfume, as a body bronzer, I’ve even used it as a lipstick highlight. If you’ve got sensitive anything, only use it new because I could see how this could be a dangerous product, but I’ve been bred pretty tough so my body hasn’t rejected it yet. Thank God.
Elf brushes – Cheap, easy to use, easy to clean, decent brushes.
Fifth Avenue Setting Spray – Cheap, easy to use, does its job.
Target Workout Shorts – they fit well, they cost me $8 and I wear them for everything, probably too much
Dakine Bag – I purchased this from my co-op at Uni, it’s such a good, sturdy bag and it holds so much! It’s got like three secret pockets which are perfect when you need to hide gifts, or food or car keys. It holds all my Uni textbooks (which is impressive) and I’ve never got a sore back wearing it. 10/10 would recommend.
Zoella Make Up Bag – I basically live between two houses, so I needed a toiletries bag that could hold everything from shampoo bottles to most of my makeup. The Zoella Bag(s) (I own two) fulfil this task beautifully. The smaller one I have fits a nights worth of makeup with easy while the bigger one fulfils all my toiletries needs with ease.
Millers Trenchcoat – I needed a good jacket. The only jumper I wore before then was my leaver’s jacket, and people were getting annoyed. So I walked around the biggest shopping centre in South Perth for about 4 hours. Eventually, I tried on this gorgeous Millers coat, I was going to buy it that day (at more than I could really afford) but the sales person said to wait till Monday cause there was a 50% off sale. It was well worth the money. I wore it during winter, legitimately, it’s my favourite. I’m sad it’s summer because I want to wear it so much. IT HAS POCKETS YOU CAN FIT A BOOK IN, LIKE A BIG BOOK. Definitely get one.
Netflix Shows 
Brooklyn Nine-Nine – a cop show that makes you laugh, that I can also fall asleep too
How I Met Your Mother – a classic that never stops making me laugh, or getting emotional
Victoria – ooooh so good, Jenna Coleman does an amazing job. It’s probably not super accurate but I love it, I’m impatiently awaiting the next season
The Royals – Informative, nostalgic, and fuels my love for the monarchy

Blogmas Day 3: Cheerleading Level 1 Experience

This year I joined my university’s cheerleading team. I was placed in level 1, quite rightly so, I wasn’t the greatest.

For those of you who don’t know, Cheerleading is divided into 6 levels, 1 being the lowest and 6 the highest. levels 5 and 6 are the levels that compete in world championships.

We competed in two competitions during the year, and we won both. Winning overall varsity in the last competition.

Throughout this year I’ve been a base, a back spot and even did a spot of flying! Not only have I made amazing friends, who I trust without doubt, but my fitness has increased exponentially. Throughout this experience, I pushed my limits and improved in almost every aspect. I can now do a 2-minute run, a set of pushups and situps, and can catch a freaking person. These are things that almost seemed an impossible distance away at the beginning of this year, and honestly, I’m so impressed with myself.

Not only has my general fitness improved by I can now tumble! That’s right, handstands, cartwheels, even forward rolls. I’ve got them down.

Cheerleading has been a great way for me to make friends, improve my fitness and generally improve myself. The people within my team are people who all seem to share a similar sense of humour and this honestly made practices such a fun experience.

The coaches are world class, literally. They are so supportive and they know their shit. It’s amazing to be taught by such awesome people. Not once have I felt that I didn’t belong or that I wasn’t good enough, and all my questions have been answered, even the stupid ones.

It’s been the best thing I could have done this year. Not only for my fitness but also for my general happiness. I’m stronger, in every meaning.

I’m happy.

Blogmas Day 2: YouTube Favourites

I am going to do a general favourites, but I spend so much of my time on YouTube I thought I’d dedicate a post to the YouTubers I’ve been following this year.

Gabriella Lindley – I’ve been following Gaby for years now. She’s a very genuine person and isn’t afraid to talk about the real issues affecting her. Something that really makes me feel like she’s a person. Not just a famous person.

She’s constantly telling us her problems and this really does make my life seem easier sometimes, not because she’s got it so bad, but because it shows that everyone has problems.

OKBaby – these guys are two young people who happened to fall pregnant at 17 and they vlog their adventures together. It’s incredibly sweet to see two young parents absolutely smashing life. This year was especially adorable. Kyra fell pregnant again, and the way Oscar surprised her all throughout the pregnancy and after little Alaya was born was incredibly heart warming.

Whenever I’m feeling a little sad, or a little clucky, I watch these guys and it genuinely makes me smile

SacconeJolys – The SacconeJolys are very similar to OKBaby but older and Irish. They also had a new addition to their little family this year, and also experienced a deep tragedy, which they bravely shared with the world.

Both Jonathon and Ana are such gorgeous people and it’s amazing watch little Emilia and Eduardo and now Alessia grow up and find their personalities.

Zoella/Zoe Sugg – She isn’t as high on this list as she was last year, and that’s for one very good reason. She is now producing content that makes her feel famous. She has gone from someone quite relatable and fun to watch to ‘I can only vlog these 5 minutes of the day cause I’m so famous lol’. That being said, sometimes she’ll surprise me and her video will actually feel genuine. Usually when she’s actually talking and joking with her friends, versus just rambling about how many meetings she’s had that week.


Blogmas Day 1: Nursing First Year Debrief

Ooo boy, it’s been simultaneously the longest and shortest year of my life!

I’ve already reviewed the first semester so I’m going to focus on the second.

So I’ve been doing a full-time load of four units or four subjects.  Two subjects were nursing specific and focused on how to teach a patient and how to complete research in the nursing field. The other two were my practical class where we undertook the physical skills needed, this semester focusing on priming us for medication administration and wound care and a science unit.

All of the units this semester were pretty good,  there was one that the assessments didn’t really test what the content was, but the content was very interesting to me. Focussing on lifespan and development of humans and the different behaviours and problems that arise with each stage. It reinforced that my interest is in neonates and infants, which was really interesting for me. I also received my first high distinction which was quite an achievement for me.

The entire year has been full of ups and downs but overall it’s been a really good experience. I’ve made friends that are incredibly supportive and who I feel will be around for awhile. I know that University was the right choice for me. I am still a little unsure with nursing, but for now, I’ll stick with it.

See ya tomorrow!

Revlon Colour Stay Foundation Review

Finding the correct colour foundation for my face at a reasonable price is the bane of my existence. Luckily, I’ve found the Revlon Colour Stay foundation for normal to dry skin. This foundation is a drugstore foundation that offers buildable coverage and a demi-matte finish, as advertised. As my skin is so dry at the moment it can sometimes look a bit cakey even with a moisturizer and primer underneath. It does have some lasting power and I usually only need around 2 coats to create a full coverage look and once set my powdered contour and highlight palettes tend to blend nicely into it. The real draw card though is the amazing range of colours on offer.  As my skin is so dry I do find that the lasting power is a little compromised and it does cake around my nose and fine lines. This doesn’t bother me too much as I don’t really wear foundation or makeup for large periods of time.

As I am quite pale and I don’t really like fake tanning or real tanning it can be quite hard to find a foundation that matches my skin tone enough to be able to work well. I have I think the third lightest shade and it is possible a little too light but it has the right undertones for my skin so I don’t mind darkening it a little bit with a bronzer once it’s applied. The foundations have the same basic colour with 3 different undertones which make it a really versatile brand and they will have a shade that will fit almost any skin tone which is just amazing.

Here are some photos of me wearing the product

As you can see (although these do have a filter on them) the foundation matches my neck and skin really well. There is minimal photographic dryness. and it just works as a really good base to be able to play around with.

The price point for this is really good. It’s around 14-20 AUD for 30mL which is a lot of foundation! It has a pump applicator which is my preference and comes in a solid glass bottle; unnecessary but adds a certain upmarket feel. I’m in the shade buff/chamois, although I could probably go up a shade (apparently I got a small tan?)

Overall I give this foundation a 7/10. As far as drugstore foundations go its right up there. It applies smoothly, evenly and is very buildable. It’s always lasted as long as I’ve needed foundation. It’s not tacky or hard to use and it does everything its advertised to do. I highly recommend this foundation for all skin types and tones as it is just such a good formula.

Saving Money: Creating a No Buy List

So I’d heard of creating a list of things you can’t buy for a set amount of time to a) see if you need them and b) try and save money. I have done some research to try and find a ‘how to’ guide or even just an example of one. Alas I couldn’t find a thing, so I’ve decided to make one myself. I thought I might also explain why I’m doing this.
  1. I’m currently losing weight at ~1kg a week so I am going to eventually go down a dress size, its just not a good idea to be spending tonnes of money on clothes.
  2. To help me losing weight there are certain food items that just aren’t a good idea to buy – that’s not to say have occasionally, but consistently buy
  3. I want to save money to be able to buy good clothes when I do get down to my goal weight, I want to be able to travel and buy a new car one day etc.
  4. It might help me stop impulse buying – something that is destroying my bank account.
After making these goals I set what it was that was a) unhealthy for me to buy or b) unnecessary for me to buy. I am lucky enough to live at home so I don’t pay rent at the moment or very much for food. I do however have to spend a lot on fuel (nearly half of what I do earn goes on fuel) and netflix etc. I do have a budget document on excel which helps me know how much I do have to spend and where a lot of my money goes. The only thing this has really done is shown how much money I spend on useless things.
To help curb my ridiculous spending I’ve decided to impose a ‘No Buy’ List on myself until I am at my goal weight (hopefully around mid next year) to hopefully manage my money better, and to learn what i do and don’t need. So here’s how I went ahead and made it.
Step 1. Create your financial goals within a selected time frame.
               Example: I want to save $1000 in a year
               Example: I want to live within a Budget for a year
Step 2. Create Categories where you are going to stop buying things from
               Example: Groceries, Clothes, TV Providers, Home Decor and Kitchen Ware
Step 3. Write the things you’re not going to buy!
                 No Buy list
Step 4. Try not to buy those things in order to achieve your goals 😀
There you go, my little no buy list. The only thing that I didn’t actually put into my list was when I was going to start buying those things again. This was because I don’t really know when I will be down to my goal weight so I’m just going to leave it as forever for now.
Have fun!