Revlon Colour Stay Foundation Review

Finding the correct colour foundation for my face at a reasonable price is the bane of my existence. Luckily, I’ve found the Revlon Colour Stay foundation for normal to dry skin. This foundation is a drugstore foundation that offers buildable coverage and a demi-matte finish, as advertised. As my skin is so dry at the moment it can sometimes look a bit cakey even with a moisturizer and primer underneath. It does have some lasting power and I usually only need around 2 coats to create a full coverage look and once set my powdered contour and highlight palettes tend to blend nicely into it. The real draw card though is the amazing range of colours on offer.  As my skin is so dry I do find that the lasting power is a little compromised and it does cake around my nose and fine lines. This doesn’t bother me too much as I don’t really wear foundation or makeup for large periods of time.

As I am quite pale and I don’t really like fake tanning or real tanning it can be quite hard to find a foundation that matches my skin tone enough to be able to work well. I have I think the third lightest shade and it is possible a little too light but it has the right undertones for my skin so I don’t mind darkening it a little bit with a bronzer once it’s applied. The foundations have the same basic colour with 3 different undertones which make it a really versatile brand and they will have a shade that will fit almost any skin tone which is just amazing.

Here are some photos of me wearing the product

As you can see (although these do have a filter on them) the foundation matches my neck and skin really well. There is minimal photographic dryness. and it just works as a really good base to be able to play around with.

The price point for this is really good. It’s around 14-20 AUD for 30mL which is a lot of foundation! It has a pump applicator which is my preference and comes in a solid glass bottle; unnecessary but adds a certain upmarket feel. I’m in the shade buff/chamois, although I could probably go up a shade (apparently I got a small tan?)

Overall I give this foundation a 7/10. As far as drugstore foundations go its right up there. It applies smoothly, evenly and is very buildable. It’s always lasted as long as I’ve needed foundation. It’s not tacky or hard to use and it does everything its advertised to do. I highly recommend this foundation for all skin types and tones as it is just such a good formula.


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