Why I Hate Summer

There are so many things that I could say about summer. None of them are good.

I live in Australia, now so many people here see hating summer as unconstitutional and completely unpatriotic. The problem is, summer just isn’tĀ for me. I hate the constant heat radiating around every room I enter. I hate the sand at the beach and how the salt of the ocean makes your eyes hurt even when you’ve just stood on the beach. I hate that I can’t leave the house without putting on about 4 layers of SPF 50+ sunscreen and somehow still get burnt even after re-applying ever 2 hours.

I love winter. I love wrapping myself up in too many layers and sitting out in the cold reading. I love hearing the rain on the roof while I’m sleeping. I love walking and feeling the cold drips of rain falling from my soaked hair.

I love hot chocolates

I love hot noodles for lunch

I love winter clothes

I love winter

Yet I’m stuck in a place where the average temperature is 35 degrees celsius and I’m constantly living in a layer of sweat.