Blogmas Day 7:The Positives of Solitude

I’m going to preface this post by saying that by nature I am an outgoing person. I love going to parties and when in the right mood I can become the most outgoing person in a room.

But man, I love me some alone time. As I’m writing this, I am alone. I’ve just finished a 6-hour shift as a Santa’s photography elf and I want to be alone with my own thoughts and relish the fact that my back is slowly cracking the more I relax into my bed. I want to maybe read a chapter of my Sherlock book and write a couple of Blogmas posts so that when it comes to busy days I don’t have to worry about writing something I’m not proud of just to get content out, that wasn’t the goal for this month.

To me finding time to be by myself, whether that be a 10-minute meditation or 40 minutes just doing things I like, including watching YouTubers and writing, is the most important part of my day.

Again, I’m an outgoing person by nature. However, after 6 long, tedious hours of greeting people, dealing with screaming children and adults so dumb I think driving a railroad spike through their head would actually increase the number of brain cells in their skulls I’m over it. I want to relax and forget the stressors of the day.

Unfortunately for me that isn’t going to happen, and I know this is such a first-world problem I really do, however, I really love being alone. Ever since I was left alone after school being alone is like a drug to me. I know that’s weird for an extrovert to say but once I started truly loving myself and my own thoughts, my own person. As an 18-year-old that is such an empowering place to be at.

And honestly, I’m so scared that I’m going to lose that the more I am not alone.


One thought on “Blogmas Day 7:The Positives of Solitude

  1. I love being alone and silent. I was amazed to learn that most people I know…..cannot enjoy their own company aka: be alone. They must have some stimuli churning, TV, music, phone chats… and that is okay!
    Nice post, thank you.


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