Blogmas Day 4: November Favourites

Although I’m not a pure beauty blogger, and I don’t think I ever will be, I love using new products and finding things that make my skin look and feel better. I also love reading and watching favourites posts as it gives me new ideas for what may work for me. I have 5 different categories for you and hopefully, you find a new product that works for you.

Make Up

Okay so as I’ve never done a favourites before I’ve also included some of my favourite products just in general. So my favourite foundation at the moment is the Elf flawless foundation. It’s not only cheap but it also is a pretty good foundation. As soon as I can afford something better I will be investing in a better-suited foundation as this is a bit too orange for me. A lot of the foundations in Australia are very very orange toned as they assume everyone is tanned which I am not and I am extremely pink toned so even though this is good, I haven’t yet found a perfect foundation for me.


I hate to say it but it’s their lightest shade and it’s too dark for me in winter…  $13

I then use the NYX wonder stick creme contour and highlight as I find it blends really nicely in with the Elf foundation. Not only do the colours in this really compliment my skin tones, possibly better then my foundation does, they also blend so so easily and it took about 10 minutes off my makeup routine as before this I had to set my creme foundation with a powder then blend a contour powder out which is really difficult for me as my skin is so dry that if you don’t pat-blend its just cakey and kinda gross so having this has saved me looking like a cake all day every day.


It was given to me as a gift so I don’t have prices for you sorry

Now my favourite eyeliner is a new piece for November and oh my god it is honestly the best eyeliner I’ve used ever, even better than the Stila eyeliner I had a couple of months ago and it was something like $3. Not only does it apply really easily (I’m still a bit of a novice at winged eyeliner) it stays on for as long as you want it to but is also pretty easy to remove when you need it to come off; I honestly can’t recommend this eyeliner enough.


I’ve only ever made a mistake once with this and it was so easy to fix. Honestly the best eyeliner ever.

Next, Up we have my 2 favourite lipsticks. First, is Jeffree Star’s Unicorn Blood. Although it is one of my favourite lipsticks I wouldn’t repurchase it as after around 3 months the quality of it went down quite a bit and it now takes around 30 minutes to fully dry which can be annoying when I’m in a rush, so I am looking for recommendations for a new matte lip that is near the same colour. I also have been wearing it with Lush’s golden body Lustre (probably really bad for me but I like the look it gives) it is a bit more expensive at around $30 AUD

My second favourite lipstick is the Rimmel Kate Moss 107 lipstick. I bought it because of Zoella’s obsession with it around 2 years ago and honestly, I understand it. For me, it’s a really versatile shade that changes depending on the lip liner I have underneath it. When I’m using a darker lip liner it looks almost berry toned but if I use a brighter red lip liner it goes into this very Christmassy red that just looks so good. The quality of the photo swatches don’t really live up to the change that does occur and from memory, it’s around the $25 mark.

Finally, for makeup, we have the Lush golden Lustre body glitter. I know that it is supposed to be used mainly as a body glitter hence the name but I’ve been absolutely loving it as highlight, eyeshadow literally anything. I actually got given this as a present from someone who worked at Lush for a ball I went to around 2 years ago and I’ve only just hit the halfway mark of the bottle. I would highly highly recommend this product for anyone who wanted a highlight colour that is a bit different to what others would be wearing. It is $15

Bath Products

I only have one item for this category and it is the Lush ‘Lord of Misrule’ bath bomb. Sadly my favourite ever bath bomb didn’t get repeated this year but this one is a close second. It smells absolutely amazing and the colour it makes the bath is absolutely gorgeous. It is $7.95

So that’s it for my November favourites. I hope you enjoyed them and if you have any recommendations for skincare/makeup let me know in the comments as I would love some new products to try it.


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