Blogmas Day 1: An Introduction

Even though I only started this blog a couple days ago, I thought I’d embark on the challenge that is Blogmas.

I’m going to admit something. I don’t read an awful lot of blogs, but I follow a lot of YouTubers and follow their blogs as a result. What they write and do during this month is something that I’ve wanted to do but never really thought I could. I kept putting it off until December was over and then it was a new year so it’s a new me right? Who needs to blog in a new year when you’ve got school to worry about? In the end, I’ve just finished high school and I was wondering what to do with my life and so I thought to myself. I’m going to start that blog that I’ve been wanting to start for over 4 years. Once I’m happy with that blog I’m going to start that YouTube channel. I’ve been watching Pointless Blog (Alfie Deyes) and every day he reminds his viewers that in order to get what you want, you have to start.

So I decided that in order to do this properly I had to throw myself into it wholeheartedly. So blogmas it is. If I can do blogmas, successfully, in my first week of blogging I’m sure I can do absolutely anything I set my mind to.

So let’s start. Here’s what my plan is. For the first 12 days of blogmas, I’m not going to write too much about Christmas, I’m going to be writing about me, my personal experiences, people who inspire me and a couple of open letters to the two YouTubers who inspire me the most. For the last 12 days of blogmas, it’s going to be an explosion of Christmas. What makes me love Christmas and all of the things that make an Australian Christmas special. I hope you enjoy it!

Hopefully, my little steps will carry me a long way!


Also Heres My Face




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