Blogmas Day 8: Christmas’s Around The World


Blogmas Day 10: Favourite Lush Christmas Products

So last year I got given one of Lush’s Christmas gifts by my girlfriend. This meant I got to try almost all of their Christmas collection last year. There were definitely favourites within what I got to try so I thought I’d share those with you and why I love them.

  1. The comforter bubble bar: This is definitely my favourite not only due to it’s colouring but it smells so good. It’s very sweet so if you don’t like sweet scents you might not like this. I actually like the scent of this so much I bought Paige a bottle of the shower gel :’). It’s also insanely bubble, which is perfect when you want a bubble bath. The only issue I have is that when you do crumble it under the tap it can get really oily and a little bit gross, but the bubbles are worth it. 20171205_162603
  2.  Intergalactic Bath Bomb: This one is just really pretty. Both in the bath and as a bath bomb. I don’t really have much to say about this other than its pretty, and smells good.20171205_162535
  3.  The Magic of Christmas: This is another bubble bar and it’s literally on a cinnamon stick which is pretty awesome. It not only looks very Christmassy but it also smells so amazing and like Christmas in a bubble bar. Not only does it smell gorgeous but the bubbles it creates are insane. 20171205_162429
  4.  Snow Angel: This is a bath melt and it creates such a nourishing bath that is also a little glittery which I love. My skin always feels so amazing after I’ve used a lush bath melt. I can’t remember what oil or butter they use but it works really well for my skin. Not only does it make me feel so good, but it also smells absolutely gorgeous but in a really subtle way. I do know that a lot of people struggle with how strong lush products smell, and this one doesn’t have that issue.  20171205_162515
  5.  Shoot for the Stars: This bath bomb has a very similar style to intergalactic, but I found it didn’t have as much of a wow factor as intergalactic which is why its lower on this list. It’s still a really awesome bath bomb and the fact it’s on this list when there are so many Christmassy products at Lush really speaks for its self. 20171205_162441
  6. Golden Wonder: This is a really good bath bomb for people who have never used it before. It’s a really fun sparkly bath bomb that has a really nice fresh scent, which is a bit surprising the first time you smell it. It creates a really nice bath and in the centre is a little surprise. 20171205_162415
  7.  Butter Bear: This is really similar to Snow Angel so I was a little bit unsure about whether or not to add this to this list, but it is such a novelty and a good bath melt that I really really love. This one is a little more buttery than snow angel hence the name and I do enjoy that aspect to it. It again makes my skin feel so good once I get out of the bath. The only thing I would say is a bit of a negative is that it can make your hair (if it gets in the water) really oily and a bit crazy. 20171205_162504So these are my favourite Christmas Lush Products! Let me know what your favourites are and if they’ve changed any of these products since last year? I haven’t used any of them yet this year.

Blogmas Day 9: Holiday Bucket List

  1. Go to the beach, at least once. It’s not an Australian Christmas without splashing in the water and possibly getting eaten by a shark. Thousands upon thousands of Australians go to the beach on Christmas day hoping to enjoy the beautiful sun that drenches our country.
  2. See as many Christmas lights as possible. Some of the light displays in WA are insane! They take months to put up and is the craft of people who spend thousands on electricity bills, lights and maybe even end up in hospital. I asked one of these people a couple years ago why they bother, they simply replied they love Christmas. That my dear readers, is a sentiment I can get behind.
  3. Go on a road trip! Australia has some amazing places to visit. Along the coast there are some awesome beaches and there are a couple awesome tree walks where the old, massive trees managed to survive. Up north you’ll find sand that’s so red you wonder what beast had to die to stain it for so long. While down south you’ll find forests that look as though they’ve been untouched by man.
  4. Wrap presents differently then last year. This one may seem a bit stupid but I really enjoy finding different ways to wrap presents. The different ways you can wrap simple brown paper astound me and really make me appreciate the ways that people who didn’t have fancy arse wrapping paper would have done it. I’m really fascinated by history and so this tiny little chance I have of maybe seeing how thing may have been done is really special to me.
  5. Get a holiday job. With presents comes money. And I do not have a lot of that. So getting a holiday job is definitely on the bucket list of things to do. Everyone wants to spoil their loved ones, and the only way to do that is to get some kind of job.
  6. Go to a theme park. During the Christmas period in Australia, it’s summer, so the theme parks open up. Unfortunately for me, there’s only one theme park in WA. Adventure World! It’s good the first time you go, but after that, it gets kinda boring and repetitive and very expensive. It’s not massive and it only really ever has one ride that changes, the rest just remain fairground features. Not only is it pretty much the same year in year it, it gets more and more expensive. So even though I want to go, it’s a bit of a novelty now.

Blogmas Day 7: Planning for Christmas

Christmas is definitely a very busy time for everyone. There are gifts to buy, dinner to plan, decorations to put up and most importantly you have to figure out what whose doing what on the actual day.

I start planning gifts in at least October. Starting with the people I know I’m going to be spending a lot of money on so that I can save up for them. This can be as simple or as complicated as you like. Mine’s just a list in my diary with approximate prices next to each gift so I know what to budget for. I’m lucky in the fact I only really have to buy for about four people so my expenses are relatively small.

Next is who is doing what when. I would highly recommend having a calendar or diary just so you don’t double book yourself or others in your care. The first thing I put in is where I’m expected to be on boxing day, as that’s when my mother’s family usually has their Christmas thing. Then any Christmas Party invites I’ve got I sort through the ones that I actually want to go to, the ones I need to go to and the ones that I can avoid entirely. This allows me to know at least when the big events are coming up. Finally, I see what’s happening on the actual day. Usually, that’s spending time with my dad’s family. It’s a fun time, but I need to be organised.

Time for decorating. This can be a huge ordeal or a fun day with your friends. This year I’m decorating with my mum and my girlfriend. I have no idea what the house will look like, but I am very excited. We’ve all put aside a day to do it and I think this is possibly the best way to do it. You’ve got helpers, you’ve got decorations, your ready to go.

Finally, it’s Christmas Dinner. If you’re the one in charge of making it. Good luck. It’s a hell of a job trying to time everything, making sure everything is cooked properly and in a somewhat timely manner so people don’t get too hangry. When I’ve done it I’ve made a simple beef roast with some veggies. That was it. I praise the people who make 11 courses all with homemade salads and sauces and everything. You are the true chefs.